Gleawe men sceolon gieddum wrixlan

Wise people should exchange words/ speech/ sayings/ poems/ songs/ riddles

Hello! I’m interested in early medieval poetry, objects, places, and events, and how they are made present in contemporary arts and cultural practices. Amazingly, the London Arts and Humanities Partnership (LAHP/ AHRC) are funding me to think about these things at King’s College London.

This is where I collect questions, musings, links, and other things usually related to medieval and Old English language and culture and their modern echoes, counterparts, imaginings, and (re)presentations. I use this site to blog, but also to bookmark useful things, so it’s something of a notebook.

Please comment and share your own thoughts or useful links! Or send me links/ say hello via twitter, @francheskyia. Continue reading “About an (almost) Anglo-Saxonist…”