Emotions, Ideology, and a PhD | via The Still Point

I’ve tried to stick with the resolution to write more… so here’s my first article published by The Still Point Journal.

The Still Point is a new journal run by PhD students across King’s/ UCL/ SAS/ Queen Mary, and what excites me most about it is its dedication to publishing the otherwise unpublishable! Thoughts, ideas that won’t make it into your thesis, creative writing/ fiction pieces inspired by research, and mini-autobiography or non-fiction pieces.

If you’re a researcher, whether through theory or practice (in any arts & humanities discipline (or if your work intersects with an arts & humanities discipline) you should definitely submit something to them too!

Image by Fran Allfrey
I had some fun (read: procrastinated) making this doodle to go with the writing 🙂

The Still Point Journal

Often, I think as serious students of English literature we are tempted to deny our most personal – frequently deeply emotional, sometimes frivolous, always totally nerdy – interests in our chosen topic, both amongst friends, and in our thesis-writing. As soon as I reveal my intention to study Anglo-Saxon poetry at PhD level to a new acquaintance, the most frequent courtesy follow-up question is ‘so what made you choose that?’ I feel like I should respond with some scholarly sound-bite, something along the lines of:

‘I’m simply fascinated by the philological implications of translation’


‘I’m concerned with exploring the linguistic word-hoard of a poetic idiom now lost.’

But I don’t want to start throwing academic jargon (that I’m not even sure I’m using correctly) around, even if it does give me a little thrill to say words like ‘philological’ or ‘idiom’ aloud. So I usually end up laughing away…

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