Medieval poetry and media attention

I’m thinking at the moment about celebrity, modern poetry, and the ‘spikes’ of when Old English poetry has caught the attention of the public. I’ve run a quick google trends search for some key terms, and I’m pretty excited to start dissecting the results. Of course, I’m pretty unsurprised that ‘medieval’ as a search term brings up all sorts of articles linked to human rights violations. And, naturally, Beowulf’s spike comes in 2009, the year of the Zenekis film release. Still, I think there’s a good starting point in here somewhere.

Google Trends graph


Go to the full Google Trends page to explore the graph and interact with it. Sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to embed it properly here, wordpress is mean!

I’ve also started to collect news articles linked to Heaney and his Old English poetry outside of the regular reviews/ interviews surrounding the launch of his Beowulf. Here are a few starters…

Heaney opens Sutton Hoo exhibition centre (2002): The Sutton Hoo Society Newsletter: saxon37.pdf, BBC News coverage:


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