Disclosure: Old Words Made New | www.furtherfield.org

DISCLOSURE: Old Words Made New | www.furtherfield.org.

On Saturday 2nd November the second event associated with the London knot of Colm Cille’s Spiral will take place. Moving away from Bradwell, we’ll be exploring other ways to share academic knowledge in the setting of an art gallery in North London.

I’m adapting the listening-walk that I created for Bradwell, this time using a recording of The Dream of the Rood (text, wikipedia) to encourage visitors to think about Old English poetry as sound, text and translation. The questions I’ll be asking visitors to consider revolve around: how can we best reach these poems of the past, what can we learn by listening to Old English, and what does a good translation ‘do’?

Again, Dr James Paz at KCL was kind enough to record lines 1-26 of the poem for our visitors to listen to. Post-event blog-post coming soon!


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