Zotero – for researchers and students!

Zotero | Home.

A recent dissertation workshop introduced me to this brilliant piece of software, a must for anyone who is in the process of researching/ reading/ writing essays, of any length.

Zotero is free to download, and works as an ‘app’ within your browser (working with Firefox best). Once you download it, it’s always ‘on’ in the background whilst you explore the internet reading journal articles, stumbling upon useful websites and other digital paraphernalia that you think you might use in an essay or project some day.

Once you do find something you want to save, you click the little button which appears in your browser URL bar, and Zotero ‘reads’ the information in the page necessary for a bibliography and pulls it all together within – what is essentially – a bookmark.

You can organise your bookmarks within Zotero just as you’d expect, with folders and the ability to add notes.

So, you might be thinking, ‘why is this better than just using the regular in-browser’. Here’s the thing. You can export your folders of references from Zotero in pretty much any bibliographic format you need.

I’m just thinking of all of the hours I could have saved during my undergrad degree, had I used this software!

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